TNA Wizard

HR and Time & Attendance

Simple and intuitive HR and Time & Attendance software streamlines and simplifies employee management.

TNA Wizard gives you a complete Time and Attendance and HR solution in one. Our high performing technology gives you the tools to help manage, engage and increase the productivity of your workforce.

TNA Wizard will enable you to simply and quickly track employee time, attendance and garner real-time data, all at the touch of a button all helping you to achieve your business objectives.

Features of Access TNA Wizard

Scheduling Employees

Our high performing technology ensures you have all the right tools to keep track of time and attendance with our easy to use scheduling tool. The functionality empowers management to maximise employee time to ensure you have a streamlined operation at all times by giving you data to deploy the right number of people at the right time.

Employee Clocking

Our biometric clocks provide a secure and accurate way to track time and attendance. By tracking employees via fingerprint or facial recognition, organisations will have complete visibility over workforce attendance. Biometric clocks are a reliable way to prevent common problems such as “buddy clocking” and timesheet fraud.

Payroll Integration

We offer a flexible approach to payroll with a well-established mechanism for pushing approved and accurate payroll data to payroll packages such as Sage and XN.

However, we understand that there are significant advantages for some organisations in outsourcing the entire payroll process and the associated tasks in relation to auto-enrolment and HRMC compliance. TNA Wizard is a fully registered payroll broker and is well placed to provide an end to end solution.

Our payroll integration is flexible for multiple employments, varying pay rates, cross charging, staff turnover and pensions.

Absence Management

Our Absence Management solution gives organisations accurate and up-to-date information on the status of all accrued, requested, past and future on one easy to use platform. This enables managers to make informed decisions on holiday coverage and accurately predict costs. The module features:

  • 1 touch holiday request and approval
  • Quick view team holiday calendar
  • Record and track sickness patterns
  • Multi-site, multi-rota functionality
  • Full reporting capabilities

Human Resources

All the tasks of the Human Resources department are suddenly made a lot easier with our HR solution. From employee management to performance management to daily tasks and appraisals – our solution gives you the data in an instant to ensure your HR team can operate efficiently and effectively.

Managers can collate all the vital information on employees such as start date, job skills, training etc. and have the peace of mind that this data is held securely on the cloud and can be accessed by any employee given permission – no more relying on one person’s knowledge or keys to the filing cabinet!


Our KPI reporting module takes your manning parameters, be it a wage percentage target, hours target, cost per room sold, cost per covers, and instantly gives you a figure of where you are.

TNA Wizard enables organisations to delegate responsibility for achieving business objectives whilst providing the management controls to ensure that users at all levels are aware of the targets. Inbuilt triggers and management tools will manage the process of performance and underperformance in an automated way.

The key advantage to this is the managers who are achieving their targets will require less administration leaving the focus on the management of elements of the business that are underachieving and importantly highlighting dips in performance in real time and not at weekend/month end/quarter reviews.

TNA Wizard

What our clients say…

TNA Wizard truly is the dream solution for the O’Callaghan Collection. It provides benefits across all levels of the business and the cost to value ratio is excellent.

O’Callaghan Collection

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