See how Facility Management company, Neylons improved real-time reporting and client relationships with Procure Wizard

Neylons Facility Management is an established national provider of contract facility management services including Total Facilities Management, Environmental Management, Cleaning, Security, Caring, Catering and Landscaping.

We have over 100 of our sites successfully using Purchase to Pay from Access Procure Wizard. This allows our sites to place orders, get approval, see what is outstanding and control prices. Access Procure Wizard has given us a degree of control that we hadn’t experienced before. 

The Challenge

With thousands of stock items from around the globe and no background in retail, the Hop Burns & Black team needed an intuitive, easy-to-use POS system with serious inventory management capabilities.

  • Neylons Facility Management is a family owned business delivering Integrated Facility Management Services with sites across the country, numerous suppliers and with numerous products and events to keep track of. 
  • Neylons had a lack of visibility with their previous system, and wasted a lot of man hours with a lot of manual input which increased the risk of errors and this resulted in less accurate reporting. 
  • Needing more flexibility to adapt/ PO Approval process to meet customer requirements. 

The Solution

Access Procure Wizard clients are now in the unique position to take advantage of the full selection of solutions available, with the ability to manage all their key operations through a single sign-on platform, Access Workspace. Neylons Facility Management are currently using the following Procure Wizard modules:

  • Purchase to Pay –  reducing indirect spend and automating invoice processing.
  • PO Control – access to anything and everything you want to buy from your suppliers
  • Price & Product Comparison – automatically compare commonly purchased products between your suppliers
  • Budget Control  
  • Stock Control – ensuring stock is held at an efficient level
  • Flash Reporting – allowing real time visability
  • Contract Management – automatic alerts when renewal, expiry and rebate dates are due to ensure secure management of your contracts.
  • IP Scanning

We have full visibility of the product and price catalogue, prices are not changed without our authorisation, and we can establish very easy price comparisons between suppliers and products. The implementation of Purchase to Pay was seamless and extremely efficient. The system enables us to spend less time on the telephone ordering and processing invoices, and more time looking after our customers. The real-time data that we have makes procurement much easier and quicker, the information that we can now pull from the system in a matter of minutes, is second to none. If you are considering procurement software for your business I would highly recommend Purchase to Pay from Access Hospitality Ireland

Sylvie Neylon – Founder of Neylons Facility Management

The Result

  • Using Access Procure Wizard Neylons now have real-time reporting giving a comprehensive overview of multi-sites across the country. 
  • Neylons now have access to live data, PO approval and tracking at the click of a button. Real time date provides precise product lists and volumes to suppliers, improving negotiations on prices and time to turn-around contracts – generated savings, further time efficiency and less waste.
  • Extensive data on seasonality and trends to inform planning and support contract negotiations.
  • Neylons business objective is to build really strong client relationships and thanks to Access Procure Wizard they now need to spend less time in the office and more time looking after the clients on a one to one basis.
  • Thanks to Access Procure Wizard Neylons are now offering an unrivalled service to clients including Mater Private, NUI Galway and the HSE.

Download Neylon Case Study Here